What We Make

Soft Tapestry – Our premier fabric is a woven soft tapestry. It is a versatile fabric that can function as a throw, wall tapestry, picnic blanket, or even sewn into a fashion project.  Standard Finishing option, Fringe 1.5” long.  Tapestry is made of 95% cotton 5% poly approximately 14 oz/Square Yard.  Most of the cotton used is recycled.

Tapestry Fabric – 54” width upholstery weight fabric is sold as yardage.  Yardage requires a design set up to the width of our looms that can be seamlessly repeated vertically. 54″ = 1600 pixels width, 1 yard increments. 1″ = 30 pixels length.  Raw edge runs along sides, fringe length approximately .2″  

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Restrictions

FiberArt is committed to ensuring that our company’s COVID-19 planning, preparedness and response are a priority. We are focusing on efforts on supporting our customers and employees and providing updates regarding placing, processing and shipping orders. At this time, our sewing department is limited so we cannot offer finishing options at this time.

Pixel Perfect Artwork

Click to watch a video on preparing artwork for weaving.

Editing Artwork for Weaving

In jacquard weaving, artwork is reduced in size to small pixel files and later expanded in our weaving software to the end size of the woven fabric. Each pixel on a design image represents approximately 1 crossover point of a warp (vertical) thread and weft (horizontal) thread. For best results, we recommend resizing your artwork to the exact pixel dimensions that correspond with your planned woven size product. It is not necessary but will produce the most accurate weaving results. It is beneficial to see what design elements may be minimized or lost all together when you greatly reduce file size, especially for artists accustomed to printing at larger high resolution file sizes.

Color Option Information

FiberArt offers 144 colors in our palette and we encourage our clients to color match to the design. ACO swatch files are available. You can also purchase a soft woven tapestry palette blanket or upholstery weight palette swatch to provide an idea of the colors we can achieve. FiberArt clients can also discuss designs with an in-house Artist who specializes in creating artwork for weaving. We do not work in CMYK or use layered image files.

Tapestry & Fabric Content

Our tapestries are a subtle mix of spun cotton and recycled cotton. We use as much recycled cotton as we can. Recycled cotton contains trace amounts of polyester fiber to maintain its strength. Waste from the creation of throws and upholstery fabric is remade into clothing or other textiles such as rugs and towels. From our bins, shredded scraps are sorted by color. Then they are either woven back into yarn or used for nonwoven textiles and stuffing.

Wash & Care Instructions for Soft Woven Tapestry

Hand or machine wash separately in cold water on delicate cycle using mild detergent. No bleach. Line dry or machine dry on cool cycle only.

Become a FiberArt Client

If you’d like to become a FiberArt client and receive customized support, order a sample or place a bulk order, please click the button below to send us your information. Your FiberArt team will contact you to begin weaving your art!

Order Quantities for Bulk Pricing

FiberArt specializes in bulk orders and our minimum order quantity to receive bulk pricing is 24 pieces of 1 design. Another division here at Pure Country Weavers, PhotoWeavers, is the best option for smaller quantity orders and does not require a client login. Navigate to www.photoweavers.com and you’re ready to begin purchasing our products.


Please contact us for pricing details. We can provide a customized quote tailored to your needs.


All orders will ship via UPS if within the United States. We ship worldwide using FedEx. On average the cost to ship a Soft Tapestry is in the $35-$55 range. Feel free to ask for a custom shipping quote when contacting us.

Taxes & VAT

We use UPS to ship orders within the United States. FedEx International is our preferred shipper for international orders. All orders will ship to your address of choice. Our clients are responsible for taxes depending on the country of residence. Please contact FedEx for more information.