Custom-Woven Fabric


As one of America’s oldest and last remaining of fine, jacquard-woven textiles, FiberArt has the ability to produce anything you can dream up.

Our craftspeople can turn any design, photo, sketch or idea into a custom-woven masterpiece. From soft tapestry throws to durable upholstery fabric, the possibilities are endless.

Custom Woven Fabric by FiberArt

Custom-Woven Fabric is Perfect for…

  • Upholstery Fabrics
  • Soft Tapestry Fabrics
  • Tapestry Blankets
  • Wall Hangings
  • Custom-Woven Yardage

Our looms are 54″ wide, and can print small runs to almost continuous rolls of fabric.

We have a variety of weaves, for everything from extremely durable woven upholstery-style fabric, to a downy-soft looser woven that is perfect for blankets.

We can take your photo, idea, art or design and quickly weave it into a one-of-a-kind product.

The only limit is your imagination (and 54″ wide.)

Types of Custom-Woven Fabrics from FiberArt

Soft Hand

Tough Guy