Woven – Never Printed
Made in the USA

Using jacquard loom technology, we weave a diverse range of art, design and photography from clientele around the world. Our state of the art looms are capable of handling large fabric production runs. However, we are unique to the textile industry because we weave small orders in a continued effort to support individual artists and makers. You can weave something exclusive for yourself, for an exhibition or as products to sell to your customers & clients.

Our purpose is to bring your creative vision to life through thoughtful craftsmanship and the highest quality of weaving.


We like to keep it simple.
Upload your image – we weave it and ship it.

We like to keep it simple. Upload your art (photo or scans) and we weave it and ship it.

We’ve broken everything down into a simple three step process.

There’s a little more to it on our end – but we make it easy on you.

We can work with minimum orders and even have the capacity for single-piece custom orders.

Are you a brand? Terrific – we’ve worked with some major players and large brands. Our products are the perfect compliment to your marketing & branding. Bulk & wholesale orders are just as simple – simply upload your artwork and receive your beautiful woven products.


We’re a family operation based in Western North Carolina, USA.
Artists, artisans & just plain good people who live to serve.

FiberArt is a division of Pure Country Weavers – truly an American original. What started as a small, family business that made woven blankets for George Washington at Valley Forge has grown to a company that offers a vast array of designs and styles. While our company has grown, we’ve never let go of being a family. Our mill in North Carolina is still very much a family operation – and we love nothing more than weaving beautiful, long-lasting products for YOUR family.

We are very proud of our heritage. We started in the USA, and we still do everything in the USA. Our craftspeople take great pride in knowing that what they make is going to bring a lifetime of warmth, comfort and joy to our artists & partners – as well as their fans and customers.