Let us weave your art into a sellable and marketable woven textile that will generate extra income for you.    


Bring your creative vision to life with our customized weaving process.


After submitting your art, we begin weaving on our jacquard looms.


Within a couple of weeks, receive your final woven piece of art.

When an artist creates an image, they are sharing part of themselves with the world.

Art is expression in the most personal of forms. Our skilled team of craftspeople at FiberArt not only understand this, they respect it, and take the utmost care with translating your art into beautifully woven Jacquard soft tapestry or full count fabric.

At FiberArt, we love getting to know the artists we weave for. Every new piece is an adventure in expression. We find ourselves continually amazed by each new, unique, and very personal artwork.

We work with you to ensure that your vision and creativity translates into stunning woven textile.

Let us take your art to a whole new level.
Imagine the possibilities.


“Textiles from around the world are rich with culture and history. I like the cross section of form and function.”

“I love my blanket collection because it integrates into people’s life in so many ways. It can be a wall tapestry or a fun throw.”

“Collectible art and design can come in all shapes and sizes these days. But no form of modern art can be considered quite as enjoyable – or comfortable.”

Aubrey here from Jacky Winter New York – thanks for speaking with me this morning over the phone! It was great to be able to debrief with you about the blanket order we placed last year. I appreciate all of the legwork you and Melissa put into helping us create a wonderful gift for our clients :)

Hello all – Just letting you I received the corrected blankets. I’m very happy with the quality. You are a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to making more blankets soon.

Your company has consistently created wonderful blankets for me over the years. Thanks for quickly addressing my issue and resolving it perfectly! I have a huge brotherhood of U.S. Navy aircrewman that I will show this to and will send them to you.

I wanted to write… they arrived this morning and are absolutely wonderful!! It was such a quick turnaround from ordering to delivery and I am so so happy with them. I wanted to thank you.

I received the samples yesterday and they are GORGEOUS!!! I’m totally in love with them.

I hope you are well!! First of all I want to thank you so much for the incredible new red tiger design, it looks great, its so bold & saturated.

Thank you Robert… for handling my extra orders and making this order work for me. I really appreciate it. This product has been amazing for my little business!

I just received the sample Tiger blanket and it looks perfect! Thank you so much for working with yoru artists to refine the coloring, I really appreciate the effort and am so happy with the end result!


Lillian MartinezLilian Martinez lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Martinez’ work embraces flatness and simplicity. Her painterly eye reduces a scene down to a critical selection of subjects, and then reduces those subjects down to their most basic forms, lines, and colors. Pulling imagery from pop-culture, art history, and nature, Martinez’ content is typically an amalgamation of easily recognizable symbols —Bart Simpson’s head floats alongside a figure that is reminiscent of a Matisse dancer, a Nike “swoosh” is situated alongside a series of decorative objects such as flowers, leaves or fruit. And when Martinez paints people they are almost always looking extremely relaxed, lounging comfortably, or engaged in a leisure activity. Usually the works have descriptive titles like, “When You Are Sad But You Still Want to Have Fun,” “Guardian Angel in Nikes,” or “Drake Eating Salad.” As the titles imply, the works are loosely narrative, but always feel a little chimerical, like something out of a dream. Bold and colorful, Martinez’ work is driven by intent, reconciling memory, reality and dreams into scenes that are a little bit surreal and a little bit funny. The work indulges color and mood, and is direct while maintaining a vibe that is charmingly nonchalant.