Interior Design

With FiberArt, your art is woven by our jacquard looms, you can control each individual thread with your design. The finished product is a highly detailed, durable, and rich material that is beautiful, practical and versatile.

Weaving is not printing. Every “pixel” in weaving is actually a weave, the intersection of two or more threads to create the best rendition of a color coupled with a unique woven texture. The varying depths of the weaves across the color pallete is noticeable to the eye and makes an image more visually interesting.

The secret to creating a woven work of art is understanding the relationship between colors in a Photoshop palate and our weave blanket. A weave blanket can be thought of as our weaving box of crayons. The Photoshop palate approximates the colors in the weave blanket.

Once you download our palate, you can index your art to the palate and see directionally where your art will end up visually. Our besting selling item our woven tapestry blanket. The image size of the blanket is 768×1025 and results in a blanket that is 54 inches wide and 72 inches long. However, we can create any size you desire as long as you keep in mind that we have 54 inch wide looms and 60 inch wide looms, the length of the fabric is up to you.

Whatever you choose to make, you will love the look and feel of your FiberArt textile. It will be beautiful, practical and versatile.

With our woven swatch blankets you can touch and feel each weave and color of FiberArt.


One of the largest warpers in the world

jacquard weaving warp

Over 8 miles of cotton in every tapestry

full width tapestry

One of the largest tapestry looms in the world