Step 1

Download our FiberArt palette.

If you would like to Upload your image for us to prepare for weaving skip to step 4.  However, if you would like to completely control your art and not have us interpret it into our color palette

This palette is an .ACO file which may be loaded into your Photoshop Swatches CLICK HERE to download the palette

Step 2

Set up the design file

768 x 1025 pixels = 54″ x 70″ throw in RGB color mode

Step 3

Set Your Colors

Create your design or match colors to the palette

Step 4

Upload Your Art

We accept  a multitude of formats including  TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG, PDF, PSD

Submit your designs in a pixel dimension of 768×1025 resulting in a 54 inch by 71-inch woven blanket. If you are looking for fabric, our fabric loom width is 53 inches wide. There is no side to side repeats and there is no constraint on length.

We can weave one piece orders and will give you quantity discounts for orders over 6 pieces.