It’s Easy to Create Your Woven Art Straight From The Mill.

When an artist creates an image, they are sharing part of themselves with the world. Allowing us all a glimpse into the artist’s heart and mind. Their paintings, sketches, and photographs are a physical manifestation of an artist’s feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Art is expression in the most personal of forms. Our skilled team of craftspeople at Fiber Arts not only understands this, they respect it, and take the utmost care with translating your art into 100% cotton, Jacquard woven blankets.
The Jacquard weaving process has a history dating back to 1725. Frenchman Basile Bouchon’s early loom inventions wove the path that led Joseph Marie Jacquard to invent the modern Jacquard loom in 1804. The Jacquard loom process has a firmly held place in history as one of the most important weaving inventions. When we weave with Jacquard looms, we weave with history by our side.
At Fiber Arts, we love getting to know the artist’s we weave for. Every new body of work is an adventure in expression. We find ourselves continually amazed by each new, unique, and very personal artwork. We will work with you to ensure that your vision and creativity translates into stunning woven textile form, as optimally as possible. Let us take your art to a whole new level, using a modern version of a century’s old process. Imagine the possibilities.

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