It’s Easy to Create Your Woven Art Straight From The Mill.

In an era where everyone is printing art, it is a great time to venture into another more substantial medium, jacquard weaving is that medium.

Jacquard weaving a 260-year-old bespoke technology that you can touch, feel, and see.  It is also functional, which puts your art in people’s lives as a purposeful piece of art. These are just a few reasons why artists all over the world like K’era Morgan are choosing to have their art woven.

“Textiles from around the world are rich with culture and history – I like the cross-section of form and functionality” – K’era Morgan

We have a couple different paths available to the artist, we can weave your art and sell it to you directly to sell or display, or we can weave your art and put it in our retail environment for our consumers to purchase.

Download our FiberArt palette.

This palette is an .ACO file which may be loaded into your Photoshop Swatches. CLICK HERE to download the palette

Upload Your Art

We accept  a multitude of formats including  TIFF, JPG,BMP,PNG,PSD,AI,EPS,PDF

Receive your sample in less than 10 days

Once you order your sample our art team will work with you to get everything perfect.

Will It Weave?

Weaving is very different from print, every piece of art can be printed but not everything can be woven.


Piece of Art of to weave