Dyeing / Textile Printing Books
The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing : Traditional Recipes for Modern Use 
Ashford Book of Dyeing 
The Art of Batik: Flowers and Landscapes 
Batik and Tie Dye Techniques by Nancy Belfer 
Batik Tie Dyeing Stenciling Silk Screen Block Printing : The Hand Decoration of Fabrics 
Chemical Principles of Synthetic Fibre Dyeing 
The Chemistry of Natural Dyes (Palette of Color Series) Vol 2 
Color & Design on Fabric: Paint, Dye, Stitch, Print (Singer Design Series)February 1, 2000
Color and Dyeing
Color in Spinning by Deb Menz
Complex Cloth : A Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design 
Contemporary Tie and Dye Textiles of Indonesia (Asia Collection) 
Continuous Improvement in Yarn Dyeing/9106
Craft of Natural Dyeing 
Craft of the Dyer : Colour from Plants and Lichens 
Creating Color - A Dyer's Handbook 
Dyeing and Overdyeing of Cotton Fabrics 
Dye It! Paint It! Quilt It! : Making and Using One-Of-A-Kind Fabrics in Quilts 
Dye Painting! 
Dyeing to Quilt : Quick Direct-Dye Methods for Quilters 
A Dyer's Garden : From Plant to Pot Growing Dyes for Natural Fibers 
The Dyers Companion 
Dyes & Paints : A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric
Fabric Dyeing & Printing 
Fabric Painting : A Simple Approach  April 2000
Hands on Dyeing 
Imagery on Fabric : A Complete Surface Design Handbook
Indigo Textiles : Technique and History 
Katazome : Japanese Paste-Resist Dyeing for Contemporary Use
Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing (Formerly Titled: Natural Dyes in the United States)
The Photo Transfer Handbook : Snap It, Print It, Stitch It 
The Red Dyes : Cochineal, Madder, and Murex Purple : A World Tour of Textile Techniques
Shibori : The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing : Tradition Techniques Innovation
Surface Design for Fabric
Textile Dyeing : The Step-By-Step Guide and Showcase
Textiles in Southwestern Prehistory
The Thames and Hudson Manual of Dyes and Fabrics
Tie-Dye! : The How-To Book
Tie-Dyeing : Get Started in a New Craft With Easy-To-Follow Projects for Beginners
To Dye for : The Rit Book of Creative Dyeing Projects 
Transforming Fabric : Color on Fabric and Life 
The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book by Rachel Brown 
Wild Color
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