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Give yourself something new to work with. Artist and designers come to us because they have print fatigue. We provide you with a new canvas; something special that is visually interesting while having a unique and luxurious feel. Woven blankets that can caress you with a hug, yet are at home on the wall as art and can come to the beach as a blanket. Fabric that is so unique that designers queue up from all over the world. The most versatile art medium of all.

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We are in the process of developing a fully functioning design website. For now, please think in terms of woven blankets. Submit your designs in a pixel dimension of 768×1025 resulting in a 54 inch by 71 inch woven blanket. If you are looking for fabric, our fabric loom width is 53 inches wide. There are no side to side repeats and there is no constraint on length.

We can weave one piece orders and will give you quantity discounts for orders over 24 pieces.

Featured Artists

Lilian Martinez

Lillian Martinez

Lilian Martinez lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Martinez’ work embraces flatness and simplicity. Her painterly eye reduces a scene down to a critical selection of subjects, and then reduces those subjects down to their most basic forms, lines, and colors. Pulling imagery from pop-culture, art history, and nature, Martinez’ content is typically an amalgamation of easily recognizable symbols —Bart Simpson’s head floats alongside a figure that is reminiscent of a Matisse dancer, a Nike “swoosh” is situated alongside a series of decorative objects such as flowers, leaves or fruit. And when Martinez paints people they are almost always looking extremely relaxed, lounging comfortably, or engaged in a leisure activity. Usually the works have descriptive titles like, “When You Are Sad But You Still Want to Have Fun,” “Guardian Angel in Nikes,” or “Drake Eating Salad.” As the titles imply, the works are loosely narrative, but always feel a little chimerical, like something out of a dream. Bold and colorful, Martinez’ work is driven by intent, reconciling memory, reality and dreams into scenes that are a little bit surreal and a little bit funny. The work indulges color and mood, and is direct while maintaining a vibe that is charmingly nonchalant.

Martyn Thompson

Martyn Thompson

MARTYN THOMPSON is not one to be caught lounging around, Thompson’s photographic career was set in motion some 30 years ago when he began shooting the “Made in My Kitchen” fashion he was producing at the time. As it turned out, his images attracted more attention than the clothes themselves, launching a career that continues to make a profound visual impact today.

An expat of Sydney, Australia, Thompson was seduced at an early age first by glam rock and later the dynamic youth movements exploding in the early eighties. He was particularly captivated by the aesthetic of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s subversive early collections and the music of artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Later in the decade, after several years in Paris, Thompson relocated to London where he began to move from fashion photography into the world of interiors. Perhaps due to his intellectual curiosity and a love of the lived environment, he began to develop a new, atypical approach to documenting interiors and architecture. In a Martyn Thompson image the human and the environment are always connected-the ordinary can become something enigmatic. His mastery of natural light is a skill that has made him highly sought after for still life and product photography.


Dear Robert,
I just want you to know that I am delighted with my latest shipment. I think I did not like them initially because I had been working on the original painting for over 2 years and the colors were deeply imprinted on my brain. I had a similar experience years ago when I illustrated a children’s book which also took me over a year. I have learned that an artist needs some distance from the original in order to have an open mind. I am sharing this with you because you are dealing with a lot of artists now and this might come up again. Above is a picture that someone who purchased my blanket just sent me.  I think the work that you do is really wonderful and I feel very lucky to have discovered your company.
Best regards,
Lynne Feldman

Hi Robert,
The new 2nd blanket arrived by UPS Monday evening. I was very impressed with the improvements of color and overall quality.  I look forward to having it on the market as soon as possible. Thanks again, and tell the good folks in the art department thanks for doing an extra special great job.
Kurt C. Burmann